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Gabriel Cheever
Missing Children 1353
Am I the only one seeing this? The only pictures supplied on this child is very strange. He looks ill, starving and unhealthy or possibly deceased. Looks like he's laying in a vehicle with something like a sleeping bag to rest his head against the window, but has the sun on the other side of his face which would be uncomfortable as well. His eyes are sunken in and he looks lifeless. I've seen mention of these types of profiles on this site before where there is only one picture provided to reporting agencies and now I am seeing why it's so important to get more from the families than one picture.

Maybe police need to press harder for more pictures from the reporting family members. Does a lack of a photo with Gabriel's eyes open mean the family doesn't care about him or purposely did something to him and don't want to be of any assistance to police? There are a lot of questions on this one and reading he has gone missing twice before is not a good sign for this child.

Has anyone heard more on this case?
Owner's reply July 17, 2021

Great comment! Thank you for paying attention to the details and bringing up extremely valid points. One of the first things I thought to myself when this case was posted, is this poor kid deceased?

Seems very odd that the people who supposedly care about this child the most, supplied the only referenced picture. Red flags should probably be pursued by law Enforcement when identified. Thank you for the thoughtful comment!

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July 17, 2021
As an FYI, Gabriel Cheever, Noah Cheever and Isaac Merritt were all reported missing together 07/18/2020. Interesting.......wonder whats going on in their family life etc etc. ?
August 20, 2021
Red flag for sure. Good catch.
September 02, 2021
OMG, I just saw the update on the kids case. What is going on with Now he has a tattoo that was never mentioned in the other two times he went missing and they still think he and his brother might be with their mother. This is the worse case of profiling I have seen on any website and thank you for MPC for pointing this out. Is he still missing from the original case posted here or was he found and now went missing again since 8/27/21 or whatever? So confusing and alarming at the same time, no wonder some kids never get found. Seems like accurate reporting doesn't matter to some people.
3 results - showing 1 - 3