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Shawn Robert Werner

Unknown MissingActive
Shawn Robert Werner
Shawn Robert Werner

Missing Persons Details

Missing Person
Shawn Robert Werner
Last Seen
October 08, 2022
Case Status
Status Updated
May 28, 2023
Unknown Missing
Intake Date
February 06, 2023
Source of Record


Flowery Branch GA
Northeast Ga

Physical Description

Indian Tribe Affiliation
No Tribe Affiliation
Non-Binary Selections
Hair Color
Eye Color
6’ 2”

Details of Disappearance

Disappeared which is very unusual for him. 

He had been around the Atlanta area before missing. His car was found abandoned with no sign of him or his phone and wallet.  

No transactions or phone activity after reported missing. 

I don’t feel his case was investigated properly due to his prior record of drugs. I reached out to the investigator myself and he didn’t seem interested in anything I had to say nor did he know who I was or anything about me. This is very concerning to me as I had had some conversations with Shawn before he went missing… 

Please help me and his family find him. Thank you so much.


Vehicle Details

Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
4 door
Vehicle Color

Case Numbers

Verified with Law Enforcement
Local Police

Police Contact Information

Hall Co Sheriffs Deot
Investigator Phillips

Be Advised

If you see Shawn Robert Werner anywhere, please do not make contact. Call your local emergency number like (911) or the phone number indicated for law enforcement on this record and they will instruct you on what to do. You can also let them know Shawn Robert Werner's name and they are profiled on this site. This way they can visit the profile and get information faster and more complete to use for follow up. You can always leave us a tip on what you saw by clicking the "Tip" link in the menu at the top of this page.

NOTICE: If the information contained in this missing persons profile is inaccurate, needs to be updated, or the person has been located, please let our staff know as soon as possible. Thank you.


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Very sad
It's very sad to read about your feelings toward what you think police are not doing to find Shawn. You've said a lot of things in frustration and it's understandable if you know him personally. But he's a grown man who seems to have some issues he needs to work out and because he's not in touch with anyone doesn't mean the police should actively search for him. It's a good bet he's done this before and returned home or ended up in jail or something. Police search for people when there are clear signs of foul play and even then, don't expect them to search for very long. The media is not going to cover a story like Shawn's because there is no story. If you think there is a story, what could it be? It's a shame because he needs help, but he needs or needed help from the people closest to him. Unfortunately, police cannot allocate resources in a situation like his, so it's up to the people that love him the most to get out there and organize searches and speak to the media to get the word out.

When you read the press out there on his case there is nothing mentioned or quoted from his family at all. That says a lot about the situation. If his own family will not speak up for him, nobody is going to do much, if anything.
Owner's reply March 09, 2023

I am very saddened to hear your opinion as well. I do have my reasons for feeling that way but I don’t have to explain them to you. You act like you know he has done this before but in all the years I have known him this would be the first ever he has been gone 6 months str8 with no contact. I also don’t feel the need to give a diff perspective on each statement you made because none of that matters. This isn’t about you or I and I have an opinion based on my facts. So anyway What does matter is this is not like him or the past 15 years I known him and he is still missing..have a lovely day!!

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Shawn Werner still missing!
Why is a Shawn Werner still missing when you found his car? There must be someone that knows something! Please law enforcement are you still looking for Shawn Werner? I don't believe Shawn's getting any attention to his case......
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Missing Shawn Werner and NO results since 10/8/22 vanished!
Shawn Werner has some issues with his background. This does not mean he doesn't get the same treatment as the next missing person! Shawn is a human being and deserves the same chance as anyone else! I know Shawn personally and Shawn has a huge heart .... Shawn is smart, kind, caring, giving, loyal, hard worker, funny, and loves his family so much! Shawn is an addict and it's not his FAULT! Shawn needs help and a lot of it. No one wakes up and saids, I'm going to be a addict today.... it happens! Something deep deep deep inside Shawn did not feel so good at times.... we all want to feel good and when we can not we all are left to our own devices , which can mean lots of things.Some addicts choose food, work,eating,working out, and drugs..... to feel different then they feel at the moment our brains tell us .... different things....... I know Shawn would never hurt a soul. He would go out of his way to make someone else's day a little better then he found them! Shawn needs the law enforcement to put more effort in finding him! Why have you not found Shawn Werner yet? Why have you found his car and not Shawn! Where was Shawn's last know location? When did Shawn's phone last ping off a tower? What about the Holiday Inn Express in Atlanta, Ga. Shawn stayed in on October 8th..... Someone knows something! Never giving up on Shawn! Now please give Shawn's case the time and energy it needs to bring Shawn home safely! Please Shawn deserves the law enforcement , detectives and the investigation team go out and get Shawn and bring him home safely to his family! Please if anyone knows something please come forward!
With faith, hope and the Lord please bring Shawn home to his loving family . In Jesus's name I prayer.... Amen Thank you Jesus in advance! K. Connolly?
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