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What we are working on right now.

Case Exposure and Publicity

Every day we are contacted by family or friends of missing people and on a daily basis this site is updated with new cases and updates on existing ones.

  • When not contacted directly by family or friends of a missing person, our volunteer staff is always searching for new cases to publish in order to give them more exposure than ever.  We have a huge outreach via social media of millions of people who are interested in helping spread the word on cases we profile.
Building a Volunteer Search & Rescue Task Force.
  • Recently, we started building a Search & Rescue task force referral system.
    The reason we initiated this task force is because over the years we have noticed an increase of missing people reports but not a significant amount of people being found.  Much of finding a missing person happens within the first three hours.  If someone is not found within that timeframe, the chances of finding them dead or alive is greatly reduced.  Our own experience has proven that most police agencies are not aptly equipped with search equipment as private sector search and rescue teams are and that getting adequately equipped first responders to the last know location of someone is of huge importance.  Our search and rescue task force volunteers are equipped with K-9 units, drone and diving capabilities and ready to compliment the efforts of law enforcement as requested.
Staffing the Missing Persons Center

We are in a very strong position to start growing our organization and your funding supports us in the following ways.

  • Hiring full time investigators to work on new cases and cold ones.
  • Building a strong administrative team that can support our growth and handle the day to day business of the organization; legal, accounting, fundraising, press and human resources.