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stafftwo Discussion started by stafftwo 3 months ago
I found the following from an LA Times article in 2006 titled Father Tries to Get Sons Back From the Philippines: (Interested if anyone has any thoughts?)

 "The U.S. State Department is handling roughly 1,000 international parental kidnapping cases, including seven that involve children taken to the Philippines".

“It’s irresponsible to paint the Philippine government as ... a coddler of criminals,” said Patricia Paez, spokeswoman for the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. “A parent could accuse the other parent of kidnapping, but that’s for the courts to determine.”

"FBI agents in Manila do not know exactly where she is. And even if they locate her, agents lack the authority to arrest her or take the boys. Fernandez has reclaimed her Philippine citizenship.The Philippines sees parental kidnapping as a custody dispute, not a crime. And the country isn’t party to the international treaty that created a process for resolving such disputes".